Refresh Your Medical Practice’s Hispanic Marketing Strategy With These 4 Tips

Things change…it’s a good idea to refresh your Hispanic marketing strategy from time to time. With the following 4 tips, you can stay on top of your medical practice’s Hispanic marketing strategy so the flow of new Hispanic patients will keep going.

1) Get current with search engine optimization.

Google is constantly updating its search algorithm, and what got your practice a good ranking in 2023 might not work in 2024. In fact, given the frequency of Google’s updates, what worked last month might not work today. SEO requires constant vigilance…if you haven’t looked at it recently, you absolutely should!

2) Get current with trends in the local Hispanic community.

Do you have a pulse on the local Hispanic community? Do you know if there are any upcoming mobile consulate events you can attend? Do you know if there are any cultural events coming up where you could, say, give a free health screening? Do you know who the community’s current social media influencers are? 

If you’re serious about marketing to the local Hispanic community, you should know exactly what’s going on in the community and what opportunities you have to make a positive impression on it.

3) Get current with changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Do Not Call regulations.

Are you aware of recent changes to the TCPA and the DNC list? Are you sure that your marketing is 100% compliant with the changes? Are you aware of the penalties you could be facing if it isn’t? These are things you should absolutely be on top of!

4) Get current with trends in Hispanic marketing.

Marketing trends move at the speed of light in our digital world; they move even faster with Hispanic marketing. Because the U.S. Hispanic population is much younger than other demographics, its preferences and characteristics change even faster. The types of marketing that were effective in the Hispanic community last year might not be this year. Do you know what’s working in Hispanic marketing NOW?

Staying current with all of this can be laborious, and you have a medical practice to run. Maybe you should consider leaving your Hispanic medical marketing to the experts at Doctores NOW and getting back to practicing medicine.

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