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The nation’s leader in Hispanic marketing for attorneys is bringing Hispanic patients to medical professionals! With team members from across Latin America, we’re your ticket to unlocking the Hispanic market.

Countless medical professionals have seen explosive growth from our Hispanic lead generation strategies. Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in the U.S., so don’t let this opportunity slip you by!

How We Grow
Your Practice


Cultural, resonant identities.

Harness the power of genuine understanding. The Latino community values brands that resonate with their culture. Let’s build that deep-rooted connection together.


Websites Custom, conversion-focused designs.

80% of Latino adults browse the internet via their phones. We’ll help you build mobile and desktop optimized, Spanish websites to attract and retain new Hispanic patients.

Virtual Professional

Efficient firm support.

On average, chatbots and virtual experts can improve sales by 67%. The best part? It’s completely self-supporting so you can focus on growing your practice instead of working on mundane administrative tasks.

Email/Text Marketing

Targeted online advertising.

Maximize your reach with tailored messaging. With Email/SMS marketing, not only can you expect a fantastic ROI, but we ensure your messages resonate with the Latino community, turning readers into loyal customers.

Social Ads

72% of Hispanic people use Facebook, so running Meta ads is a must. It’s one of the most effective platforms for paid traffic, and the potential returns are enormous. Good thing we’re experts.


Never worry about digital hiccups! As part of our built-for-you offer, we host and maintain all of your digital assets. Our security is HIPAA compliant, so you can focus on patient care.

Social Media Management

Expert account management.

We’ll help you craft culturally resonant posts that engage and build loyalty within the Latino community. Build and maintain your brand without lifting a finger.


Expert account management.

85% of Hispanic Americans use social media, and the most popular social media platform right now is TikTok. We’ve filmed and produced both short and long Spanish videos that convert.

Search Ads

Search ads can increase your brand awareness by up to 80% and are a cost-effective method to target specific demographics that NEED your services. We’ll help you reach Hispanic patients that need your help.


Share your expertise in a way that resonates. We craft culturally relevant articles, connecting you authentically with the Hispanic audience in your city.

Business Intelligence

Unlock insights from your data! Dive deep into customer behaviors, preferences, and trends in the Hispanic market. We transform raw data into actionable strategies tailored for the Latino community.

Hispanic Demand For Professional Services

See up to a 45% increase in appointments and a 7x ROI by having your own fully bilingual digital marketing team

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I don't speak Spanish, is that a problem?

Not at all! Most of our members don’t speak Spanish. Whether you choose to leverage one of our bilingual virtual professionals or use third party bilingual call centers, we’ll find a solution that works for you.

Absolutely! Most of our members operate in one location. 

One of our representatives will ask you questions about your goals for the next quarter. We care about ensuring that you receive only the services that you need. By discussing your financial goals before the marketing begins, we can tailor and recommend a program fit to your needs. The call takes about 15 minutes. 

Our program minimum term is 6-months. This is the ideal timeframe to effectively place you in front of your local Hispanic population. 

Of course! Our team consists of bilingual digital marketing experts who can seamlessly collaborate with your existing teams and/or marketing agencies. 

Hispanic marketing goes beyond just using the language. We create culturally relevant content that resonates with the Hispanic community, whether they speak English, Spanish, or both. 

We can tailor your marketing to bring you patients to your exact preference. For instance – are you looking for more high value patients? Do you accept PPO or HMO? Prefer cash patients? MediCal? We work with your practice to target only the patients you desire.

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