An Inside Look Into Your Healthcare Practice Encourages Viewers To Pick You

Given the fact that…

1) A medical practice provides a valuable, personalized service on which their patients’ health depends…

2) A healthcare practice’s About Us page is usually one of its most visited pages…


3) Most people consult a healthcare practice’s Google Business Profile before making a decision as to which practice they’re going to frequent…

…your healthcare practice would be wise to allow potential patients to look inside your practice on both your About Us page and your Google Business Profile!

Put yourself in your potential patients’ shoes: If you were researching a healthcare practice on behalf of yourself or your family, what would you look for? Likely, you’d look for:

A)Strong biographies of the practice’s staff.

B)Positive, credible Google Reviews.

C) A clean, organized, and good-looking practice full of happy, friendly, and helpful people.

Many healthcare practices address points A and B but overlook point C. They forget the old adages that a picture is worth a thousand words and you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Put yourself in your potential patients’ shoes once again: Would you frequent a healthcare practice that had strong biographies of its staff and positive Google Reviews (which could be fake) but showed no images of what actually goes on inside of the practice?

Wouldn’t you like to see for yourself whether or not the practice is clean, comfortable, friendly, and helpful?

Of course you would! Anyone would.

There’s more: Google captures images of healthcare practices’ exteriors whether the practices want them published or not. If your practice has a drab exterior (as is often the case with practices that lease their properties in medical strip malls), the world is going to judge your practice based largely on that.

If you don’t upload images of your practice’s clean, tidy, and shiny interior full of happy, friendly, and helpful employees, the world is going to judge your practice based on the appearance of the medical strip mall in which your practice is located. That might be unfair, but it’s human nature to judge businesses by the appearance of the buildings in which they’re located. More so if the world isn’t allowed an inside look.

The bottom line is that you should show off to the world your clean, tidy, and shiny practice full of happy, friendly, and helpful people on both your Google Business Profile and the About Page of your website. Doing so is quick and easy and could make the difference between client conversions and losing prospective patients to competitors.

Pro tip: You could show off the interior of your practice on social media and as a backdrop of your videos, too!

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