Translation Isn’t Enough, Build A Spanish Healthcare Brand Instead

Medical professionals’ online and offline behavior makes or breaks their brand. For example, a doctor who frequently posts on social media in Spanish may be branded a medical professional who’s in touch with the Hispanic community. Likewise, a dentist who frequently attends Hispanic-oriented events in their area may also be branded as someone who’s dialed into the community.

The previous two examples demonstrate positive branding by way of engagement with the Hispanic community. Engagement builds trust, and trust is integral to earning Hispanics’ business.

On the other hand, merely translating your website into Spanish is the opposite of engaging with the Hispanic community. On the contrary, it shows that you consider Hispanics an afterthought, whether that’s your intention or not.

Instead of showing that you consider Hispanics an afterthought by way of rote Spanish translation, you can earn the Hispanic community’s trust by creating a whole new website that’s tailored to the community’s CULTURAL preferences as well as its linguistic ones.

This means publishing engaging Spanish-language content that’s relevant to Hispanics: personable videos that speak–literally and figuratively–to the Hispanic community, blog posts that relate to Hispanics’ health challenges (and health triumphs), etc. It also means choosing verbiage and imagery that demonstrate a deep understanding of Hispanic culture.

Medical practices that merely translate their existing websites into Spanish are doing themselves a disservice. Instead of making this common, damaging mistake, why don’t you use your web presence to build your brand within the Hispanic community?

If you need help with Hispanic-oriented medical branding or web design, the experts at Doctores NOW are here to help.

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