Grow Your Hispanic Patient Base By Promoting Emergency Services

Healthcare practices that offer emergency procedures are gaining Spanish-speaking clients en masse across the country. According to the CDC, the proportion of the Hispanic population seeking emergency care increased the most of any demographic in recent years, from 46% in 2011 to nearly 63% in 2021. What’s more, according to the NIH, Hispanics are almost twice as likely as Whites to receive care from an emergency provider.

Parsing the data, we see that Hispanics’ use of emergency dental services is particularly on the rise. Anecdotally, we’re getting reports that dentists and orthodontists that provide emergency services have been doing tremendously well in terms of attracting new Hispanic patients.

Offering emergency services could be a fantastic way to differentiate your practice and meet the Hispanic community’s underserved demand for emergency care, particularly if you’re in the dental/orthodontic space. If your practice already offers emergency services, then marketing them to Hispanics is a no-brainer.

Marketing in Spanish is less expensive than marketing in English, and marketing to the Hispanic community is far less competitive than marketing to non-Hispanics. So, if you offer emergency services or you have the capacity to offer them, it would be a wonderful idea to promote those services to Hispanics.

Doctores NOW is here to help your practice gain Hispanic patients who seek emergency care. Offering a la carte marketing services including bilingual video creation, bilingual social media management, bilingual search ad management, and more, we’re the nation’s leader in Hispanic healthcare practice marketing.

Contact us today to get started promoting your emergency services to the nation’s fastest-growing demographic!

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