Your Practice’s Spanish-Language Site Likely Won’t Rank High On Google Without Professional Help

Google’s continuously-updated search algorithm often frustrates small business owners and even confuses some seasoned search engine optimizers. The Google Business community forum is often full of small business owners venting their frustrations with Google, and SEO forums often feature experts expressing concern about Google’s latest algo change.

Achieving a good search ranking for an English-language site is hard enough for native-English-speaking SEO professionals…imagine trying to achieve a good search ranking for a site in Spanish as someone whose expertise lies in an industry outside of search engine optimization. (That someone could be the owner of a healthcare practice like yours.)

In order to achieve a high Google ranking for your healthcare practice’s Spanish-language site, you need the expertise of a Hispanic marketing agency that specializes in SEO. Doctores NOW is the nation’s leader in Spanish-language healthcare marketing, and SEO is one of our strongest suits. We employ native Spanish speakers who have tremendous expertise in–and formal training in–SEO as well as an extensive track record of achieving high Google rankings for Spanish-language healthcare sites like yours.

Like medicine, Spanish-language SEO is the domain of experts. So, keep doing what you’re an expert at (practicing medicine) and contact the experts at Doctores NOW to get your practice’s Spanish-language site ranking high on Google. 

If you don’t yet have a site in Spanish, our web design experts can create one for you!

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