Your Bilingual Healthcare Website Needs Video Content!

According to Nielsen, Hispanics consume streaming video more than any other demographic (>13% above the average of other demographics). According to the Pew Research Center, 80% of Hispanics use their phones to access the internet. Smartphones are more conducive to streaming video than they are to reading lots of text…given the above stats, it makes sense to focus your bilingual healthcare marketing on video!

Video is a wonderful format for bilingual storytelling because, unlike text, it consistently captures the attention of the audience in a world where competition for attention is strong. According to Hurix Digital, research shows that the human brain can process visuals faster than written text. Since videos combine sound, text, and movement, the audience is instantly connected to them!

The need for video content in bilingual healthcare marketing may seem obvious, but what kinds of content do you create to capture the attention of your Hispanic audience? The possibilities are nearly endless:

  • Reporting health news of interest to the Hispanic community
  • Giving health tips of interest to the Hispanic community
  • Reporting about upcoming health-related events
  • Highlighting members of your bilingual staff
  • Announcing promotions and referral offers

Ideally, a bilingual member of your staff would host the videos; this person would serve as the cultural liaison between your practice and the Hispanic community. However, if you can’t find a bilingual member of your staff willing to host your videos, don’t worry: Doctores NOW is here to help!

As part of our a la carte bilingual medical marketing offerings, Doctores NOW offers professional video creation…we have at our disposal a number of bilingual female and male personalities who are ready to connect your practice with the Hispanic community. So don’t miss out: Contact us today to get started creating content on Hispanics’ media platform of choice, video!

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