Why Healthcare Practices Are Leveraging Bilingual Virtual Assistants

At Doctores NOW, we specialize in bringing new Hispanic patients to healthcare practices like yours. On average, we bring medical practices 10-15 new clients per month and up to a 7x increase on the ROI of their marketing.

Oftentimes, our clients have the fortunate problem of not having the capacity to serve the steady stream of new Hispanic patients we bring them. Luckily, we offer bilingual virtual assistants as part of our array of services!

Bilingual assistants can help healthcare practices with routine tasks like translating forms and interpreting. But they’re really useful when it comes to taking calls from potential Hispanic patients.

Most healthcare practices only have a couple of Spanish speakers on staff. If you delegated the task of answering Spanish-language phone calls from prospective Hispanic patients to these few employees, they’d have little time to do their primary duties! And some healthcare practices don’t have a Spanish speaker on staff at all. How can they field inquiries from potential Hispanic patients?

If you were to hire a bilingual employee to field inquiries from potential Spanish-speaking patients, you’d be paying big money. With benefits, the average cost of a bilingual administrative assistant exceeds $40,000 annually! (And the cost is much higher in the Northeast and on the West Coast, where the cost of living is much higher.) Why would you pay someone more than $40,000 a year to field calls from potential Hispanic patients when you could outsource that task for far less?

If you aren’t outsourcing responding to inquiries from potential Spanish-speaking patients to a full-service Hispanic marketing firm like Doctores NOW, then you’re either undermining the productivity of your existing bilingual staff, significantly detracting from your bottom line by hiring new staff, or missing out on potential new business from the Hispanic community! This is a major problem, and it’s an urgent one at that: If you don’t properly serve potential new Hispanic patients in a timely manner, you’ll certainly lose their business to your competitors.

So, allow your bilingual staff to focus on their regular jobs, give your payroll checkbook a rest, and let Doctores NOW bring you new Hispanic patients AND take care of the new Hispanic patients we bring you!

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