Optimize Your Healthcare Practice’s Website To Gain Hispanic Patients

It’s important to update your website to stay informative, adapt to SEO trends, and keep your site looking modern. And, if you’re looking to expand your Hispanic patient base (given national demographic trends, you probably should be), it’s important to tailor your site to the Hispanic community’s unique web preferences.

The world’s most popular search engines give high ranking to sites that offer large amounts of quality content. Thus, creating fresh, high-quality content not only keeps your site engaging to your audience, but it also improves your search ranking. Examples of high-quality content include compelling blog posts, videos, articles, and images.

The most popular search engines constantly update their algorithms, so it’s important to continuously update your site according to SEO trends. Google has given more weight to mobile optimization in recent years, so making sure that your site continues to look good–and load fast–on mobile devices is imperative. (Of note, Hispanics consume more web content on mobile devices than any other demographic.)

Given demographic trends in this country and the fact that Hispanics are expected to be the U.S.’s largest ethnic group in just a few decades (outnumbering Whites), it would be a good idea to use your website as a Hispanic marketing vehicle.

Hispanics prefer to consume content in their native language in a format that aligns with their web preferences, so creating a Hispanic-oriented version of your site is key to capturing the attention of the Hispanic community. Translating your site in Spanish is just the tip of the iceberg…in order for your site to serve as an effective Hispanic marketing asset, it must be tailored to the unique preferences of the Hispanic community as a whole.

More than just rote translation to Spanish, tailoring your site to the unique preferences of the Hispanic community includes publishing content that resonates with Hispanics, choosing a visual motif that caters to Hispanics, and using an overall tone that’s appropriate for the Hispanic community.

All of this may seem daunting. After all, you’re a healthcare provider, not a Hispanic digital marketing expert. Fortunately, Doctores NOW offers everything you need to maintain a site that stays informative, adapts to SEO trends, keeps looking modern, and caters to the Hispanic community’s web preferences.

Don’t try to run your healthcare practice and be a Hispanic digital marketing expert at the same time. Leave your website needs to Doctores NOW and do what you do best: practicing medicine.

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