More Spanish-Speaking Doctors Needed To Serve The Hispanic Community

In terms of healthcare, Hispanics are underserved throughout the U.S., even in areas where the Hispanic community has had a large footprint over a long period of time. For example, according to the Florida Department of Health, although Hispanics make up 27% of the state’s population, only 18 percent of Florida doctors are Hispanic…and very few speak fluent medical Spanish.

Florida is an excellent example of the underserved demand for medical care in Spanish. Although more than half of Florida’s Hispanic patients prefer medical providers who speak fluent medical Spanish, a great many patients’ demand for this service goes unfulfilled. Obviously, that creates a tremendous business opportunity for practices that have the capacity to serve patients in fluent medical Spanish.

If your practice has the capacity to serve patients in Spanish, it has the potential to attract large numbers of new Hispanic patients. If you properly market your services in Spanish, new Hispanic patients will likely come to you in droves, irrespective of your location. If you need expert guidance as to how to market to the Hispanic community in Spanish, Doctores NOW can help.

Doctores NOW brings healthcare practices like yours an average of 10 – 15 new patients a month and up to a 7x increase in the ROI of their marketing. We have an extensive track record of bringing practices like yours new Spanish-speaking patients, and the greatest challenge our clients usually have is finding a way to serve the large numbers of new Hispanic patients we bring them.

Contact us today to bring out the full potential of your practice by marketing your services to the local Hispanic community in Spanish!

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