The Digital Goldmine Keen Doctors Are Taking Advantage of And How You Can Too

In today’s digital age, 80% of potential patients search online before consulting a healthcare professional.

And with the Hispanic population surging at a 23% annual growth…

Some doctors are finally noticing an overlooked goldmine where these two trends overlap.

Why Digital?

82.8% of patients use search engines to find healthcare, but 50% of practices will never see a SINGLE appointment from these patients for two reasons:

  1. 31% of healthcare providers don’t have a local listing
  2. 48% of healthcare websites have basic mistakes with their addresses

To make matters worse, 71% of patients won’t book an appointment with a provider whose website is incomplete.

For every one appointment you get through your website, two potential patients have walked away from your front door.

Fortunately, going digital is much, much easier than you would think.

Your Goldmine Opportunity

70,000 healthcare searches are performed every minute with patients looking up clinics on their phones…

Google has improved local SEO, allowing practices to easily reach search engine ‘top dog’ status. (But what in the world is SEO?)

Social media has seen 2x more patients compared to other channels. (But how do you do social media for a clinic?)

But, the reality is that doctors don’t have the time to see patients, run logistics, oversee their business, AND develop their marketing. 

How is a doctor supposed to cope?

Let someone else take care of it for you

On average, medical practitioners who invest in marketing see a 2x return on their investments. 

So utilizing expert, third-party help is bound to push the needle even further.

If you want hassle-free bilingual marketing packages customized to your needs, contact DoctoresNOW. 

Enjoy simple and transparent pricing, no long-term commitments, and rapid implementation.