How To Build Knowledge About Your Local Hispanic Community

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is to know your audience. If you’re trying to gain new Hispanic patients for your healthcare practice, you need to know who it is that you’re marketing to.

You can learn about your local Hispanic community in a number of ways, including:

  • Collecting demographic information through U.S. Census data.

The Census Bureau offers a treasure trove of information regarding many local Hispanic communities, including raw population numbers, population growth trends, and breakdowns of populations by age.

  • Collecting demographic information through surveys and community involvement.

You can get a pulse on the local Hispanic community by interacting with it directly. For example, you could distribute questionnaires at Hispanic-oriented events such as festivals and mobile consulate visits.

  • Collecting demographic information through social media engagement.

Hispanics are frequent users of social media. One way of determining the characteristics of the local Hispanic community is to see who is publishing content relating to it, who is engaging with it, and who is connected to people who engage with it.

Attracting more Hispanics to your healthcare practice starts with knowing your local Hispanic community. We hope that this information provides a good starting point for your Hispanic marketing journey. If you need any assistance, Doctores NOW is always here to help!

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