Healthcare Practices Can Capitalize Off Of Hispanics’ New Year’s Resolutions

Many Americans’ New Year’s resolutions are associated with health and wealth. For Hispanic-Americans, who on average borrow less and save more than other demographics, the resolutions are skewed toward health goals.

This is an opportunity for healthcare professionals to build their Hispanic patient base as well as re-engage with their current Hispanic patients. Promoting free annual check-ups and free health tips for the new year are two effective ways by which your healthcare practice can deepen its relationships within the Hispanic community. These promotions can be accomplished through a variety of marketing campaigns, including video creation, social media posts, SMS messaging, and email blasts, all of which Doctores NOW offers a la carte.

The ultimate goal of these promotions is to build trust within the Hispanic community. Hispanics, more than any other demographic, value building relationships with their healthcare providers. By deepening your relationships with new and current Hispanic patients, you increase the probability that they’ll refer friends and family members to your practice.

It’s important to note that word-of-mouth referrals are more important to Hispanics than any other demographic. According to, Hispanics average 80 brand mentions per person each week, 38% higher than the non-Hispanic average. Branding your practice as trustworthy is integral to growing your Hispanic patient base.

Many successful healthcare providers have found that implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system has been an effective means of further building trust within the Hispanic community. A CRM enables healthcare practices to automate important tasks such as tracking payments and renewing memberships. The automation allows healthcare providers like you to deepen their relationships with new and existing patients in ways that wouldn’t be possible if they performed the tasks manually.

Right now, countless Hispanics in your area are making health-related New Year’s resolutions. Using the information presented above, you can capitalize off of this trend and give your healthcare practice a veritable shot in the arm in 2024.

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