Effectively Marketing to Spanish Speakers with Healthcare Practice Press Releases

Despite the decline of traditional media, press releases remain a powerful way to build a strong reputation within the Hispanic community. This can ultimately help you bring in new Spanish-speaking patients.

Although newspapers and television newscasts are less popular than they used to be, Spanish-language community newspapers remain popular within the Hispanic community, and Spanish-language television & radio outlets continue to thrive. What’s more, press releases can be picked up by creators of online Spanish-language news outlets and creators of online Spanish-language community content.

You may be wondering: “What can doctors create Spanish-language press releases around?” Here are just a handful of ideas:

– Milestones: Celebrating 10 years of treating Hispanic patients or the treatment of your 500th Hispanic patient.

– New locations: You’re opening a new clinic that offers bilingual service or expanding your current clinic to include services in Spanish. 

– New treatments that would be of interest to the Hispanic community.

– Awards and honors: Sharing your latest achievements, especially if those achievements can help build credibility and trust within the Hispanic community.

– Community relations: Speaking engagements, charitable work, etc., particularly if it relates to Hispanics.

All these make for newsworthy stories, but remember: The key to crafting a good press release is to avoid sounding too promotional. Spanish-language press releases are for sharing updates about your practice with the Hispanic community; they’re meant to attract Spanish-language patients by showcasing your expertise.

Make sure to compile a list of local Spanish-speaking journalists and Spanish-language news & community outlets to send your press releases to. You can also partner with a number of paid PR distribution services that target the Hispanic community.

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