Bilingual Marketing Solutions for Your Practice


We offer a variety of services to better help practices like yours create lasting bilingual brands and authentically reach their local Hispanic population. 

Common Q&As:

“I don’t speak Spanish.” – Not a problem…we can bridge the language barrier. Also, if you have a Spanish-speaker on staff, they can help. 

“We have many Hispanic patients, but all of them speak English.” – Although many U.S. Hispanics speak both English and Spanish, most prefer to communicate in their native language…41.7 million Hispanics in this country speak Spanish as a first language. What’s more, 24% of U.S. Hispanic adults say they can only carry a conversation in Spanish…while your current Hispanic patients may speak English, you may be missing out on the large proportion of the U.S. Hispanic population that doesn’t.

If you’d like to schedule a meeting to discuss further, please book a strategy call HERE.

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