Bilingual Video Storytelling: An Effective Way Of Growing Your Hispanic Patient Base

Hispanics consume video content more frequently than other demographics. According to Entravision Digital, between October and December of 2023, nearly 3/4 of Hispanics streamed video on their smartphones versus 44% of non-Hispanics. Not only is video a fantastic medium for reaching Hispanics due to its tremendous reach, but also its deep impact.

Consider the following stats from Insivia:

  • Studies have shown that adding video can improve one’s ability to remember concepts and details — with effects that increase over time.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when they read it.

Bilingual Video Storytelling is a fantastic way for healthcare providers to promote their services to the Hispanic community. This popular, engaging, and increasingly-consumed format allows healthcare practices to convey their brand messages to Hispanics and keep their attention by way of digital narration in their native language.

What’s more, Bilingual Video Storytelling is inexpensive and easy to create. Recording the type of informal, conversative videos that U.S. Hispanics prefer is as easy as writing a good script, finding good natural light, and pressing a button on a mobile phone.

If you don’t have a Spanish speaker available to host the videos, you can use AI to translate for you. Better yet, you can opt-in to Doctores NOW’s video creation program.

Our video creation program is a one-stop shop for all of your video creation needs. Using bilingual spokespeople, a staff of professional bilingual script writers (who specialize in healthcare practice marketing), and a staff of professional Hispanic marketers, we create impactful videos that bring numerous healthcare practices like yours a steady stream of new Hispanic patients.

Bilingual Video Storytelling is the future of healthcare practice marketing. Don’t get left behind; start growing your Hispanic patient base through Hispanics’ preferred medium today!

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