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Unlock the Benefits of Bilingual Certification

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Why getting a Bilingual Certification?

In today's diverse world, offering healthcare services in multiple languages isn't just a courtesy – it's a necessity. Discover the five compelling advantages of obtaining a Bilingual Certification in English and Spanish for your doctor's office:

Become Part of the Doctores Now Family: You will become part of the Doctores Now family of Bilingual Certified Doctors and get included in Doctores Now Directory.

Online Visibility in Spanish: We will create a profile with you in Spanish, making you searchable online by your local Hispanic population

Certification for Your Office and Website: We provide your office and website with certification, proudly showcasing your ability to assist Spanish-speaking friends and family.

Directory of Certified Bilingual Doctor Offices. Your certification is valid for one year and easily renewable, ensuring we verify your office's bilingual capabilities.

Visibility to Local Hispanic Population: Make your bilingual office visible online in Spanish, ensuring your local Hispanic population is aware of your ability to communicate in their language.

Patient Outreach: We help doctor's offices with bilingual staff find patients they would have otherwise never seen simply by being Certified Bilingual.

What You Need to Achieve Bilingual Certification?

Becoming Bilingual Certified by Doctores Now typically entails meeting the following requirements:

Bilingual Staff: Your practice must have bilingual staff capable of accommodating patients in Spanish both on the phone and in person.

Embark on Your Bilingual Certification Journey

Ready to begin your path toward Bilingual Certification? Contact DoctoresNOW today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can assist you in achieving this vital certification.

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